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Welcome to the Gallo Images Contributors Page. This page is intended to give photographers some information on Gallo Images and how to become a Contributor. Gallo Images creates and distributes dynamic digital images, footage and music especially for design professionals in the business of advertising, media and marketing in Africa, Poland and Baltics.

Gallo Images is the Master Delegate and representative in Sub-Saharan Africa, Poland and Baltics, for Getty Images - the world’s leading image bank. Gallo Images licenses stills imagery and footage as well as creates and produces content for a number of Getty Images Collections.
Gallo Images offers you a number of revenue opportunities through which to market and license your images on a worldwide platform.

Creatively, as Editorial Content or Sport Photography as well as Creative Footage.

 At the moment our focus is to submit fresh, relevant and conceptual new imagery to our wholly-owned Rights Managed brand called Gallo Images Textbook Collection (which incorporates our Creative RM collection – formerly “cape to cairo”) and our wholly-owned Royalty-Free brand called ROOTS, both of which are image partner collections on
If you are interested in becoming a contributor to our ever growing creative collections, you will need to comply with the below specs as well as have your portfolio reviewed by the Gallo Images Content Team. We have to abide by certain specifications to ensure our customers and distributors receive content which is of the highest quality and versatility. 
Please note that Gallo Images requires all content to have world exclusive rights and no similar can exist in the market.

We are unable to test all cameras, but most SLR cameras over 12 mega pixels are sufficient with minimal (if any) interpolation. Most medium format digital backs are also acceptable. Unfortunately we do not accept images captured on mirrorless, mobile, and point and shoot cameras at this stage. Carefully consider your choice of lens as your lens quality is just as important as the camera body you are using.

Digital Submissions:
Digital File Requirements: – Jpeg files converted from RAW files.

  1. The required format is uncompressed 8 bit, RGB, 300 DPI, Jpeg files with .jpg extension at the end of the file name
  2. Converted Jpeg files should be between 48–52MB in size when opened in Photoshop (flattened, with no layers or channels). Remember the largest file size your image can be sold at is 300MB, so image integrity is critical when interpolating digital source material.
  3. Details of the camera used for each image should be supplied.

Gallo Images Reserves the right to:

  • decline any application that does not meet the strict Gallo Images and/or Getty Images specification

Please Note: We do not return DVDs or CDs.

So where to from here?

For further information or to apply as a Gallo Images contributor, please contact us at +27 (0) 11 463 1925.


Gallo Images is looking for exceptional videographers who can contribute creative stock footage. We are mainly looking for African, Polish and Baltics territory content that has a strong conceptual and emotional appeal on an exclusive basis only.
An idea of the content we are in need of is regionally relevant panning city views (from Johannesburg to Lagos), industry, agriculture, lifestyle (model released for shots of people), sports and culture.

Technical Requirements:
There is no approved camera list, however, we only accept content from cameras that shoot specific formats, provided they do it properly.
Our most common capture formats are:
XDCAM HD (a Sony camera format),
HDCAM (also a Sony camera format),
DVCPRO HD (a Panasonic format),
R3D (from the RED ONE and RED EPIC cameras)
H.264 if it is shot carefully as it is quite a compressed format (from DSLR cameras).

We do not like HDV format, as the colour space is very compressed and give us problems during post production.

If you are interested in applying to become a Creative Footage Contributor, please contact us at +27 (0) 11 463 1925.

You are required to be proficient in a video editing program that can export uncompressed footage. Ie: final cut pro, premium pro or avid.
You can send your low res clips on CD or link us to your work on your website of youtube.

Gallo Images Reserves the right to decline any application that does not meet the strict Gallo Images and/or Getty Images specification.


The Editorial department is not signing new contributors.
However, exception could be made for content suited to current affairs. Please see the guidelines below:

· A sample of 10 low resolution images can be submitted via email, on a contact sheet. Images may not exceed 5-10mb in size.
· Images must be fully captioned (date, location and subject matter).
· The event must be recent (no older than 1 month), unless the subject is newsworthy.
· Content should be relevant to local or international markets.

Please refer to our "Latest Events" link under the Editorial tab for current news stories. In addition, we accept content of celebrities, large scale protests and court cases, as well as collections relating to outstanding ‘real life’ stories

Successful applicants will be notified within a week of the submission. If no notification is received, please consider your application unsuccessful.


The Sport department is not currently actively looking for new contributors, however, for photographers who have EXCEPTIONAL content, here are a few requirements:

D3 / D3s / or new D4 (Nikon)

Lens: 400mm 2.8 as well as the usual short lenses.

EOS 1D Mark VI D Canon

A decent website / portfolio is a must.